Tuesday, March 7

Post 927: In which the Morrell's see a play, find a new coffee shop, have a nice dinner, and see a very big movie

Friday night Lisa and Myself, along with Ryan and Dawn went to see Taproot's play (it just ended) "An Inspector Calls". We did "the usual" and had dinner before hand at Romeo's for some good pizza. A good time was had by all. But with a play and pizza it would be hard not to have a good time.

Saturday Adam and Sydney Blinkinsop were up from Portland and they swung by for a bit to hang out with us. We found an independant coffee shop in Redmond and had a good time hanging out there. (Indy-coffee shops on the eatside are very rare, Lisa proclaimed it was going o be our job to keep them in business... uh-oh.)

Saturday night Lisa's dad had his retirement dinner at Palasades. (It's a nice fancy place to eat in the south Seattle area, great views overlooking the water.) The food was excellent and it was good to learn a little bit more about my father in law.

Sunday found Lisa and I hanging out at the Seattle Center where I was required to go see "Greece" an Imax film. It was pretty big. 3 stories tall will do that to a film. It was fun though getting to hang out with each other and do some "date-like" activities.

I have finals next week so don't expect a bunch from me this week post wise.



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