Friday, March 3


Whilst copying music to my dear phone my computer decided it didn't like that and proceeded to crash. I got a big blue screen. I turned it off and went away. I came back later turned it on and was informed that the C drive was corrupted. Being the good IT person I put in my fix-it disk and ran checkdisk. (CHKDSK /f/r c:) During this process I cringed and flinched as file after file raced accross my screen, lett me know that yes, in fact a rather large section of my HD did indeed have problems. It finished though and I thought all would be well. (That's called foreshadowing)

I rebooted by machine and it flashed a little error at me saying that it could not find some font file windows (obviously) needs badly to even load. (Safe mode, the same problem) So again I fire up my handy-dandy fix-it tool again and do some poking around. Turns out CHKDSK recovered the corrupted files, but didn't put them BACK where they belonged. So I spent an hour or so putting system files back into proper folders. Now my machine boots, but there are some little things that are broken/ wrong with it. And I can't reinstall windows because I have far too much on here right now and it would take too long. *sigh*



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