Sunday, February 26

Japan, TF cards, and Ancient coins

Truely an odd list no? How about a little explanation:
Japan: I've got a test tomorrow in Modern East Asia on Japan. I've got to remember all sorts of Japanese people who had an influence on the culture that made up today's culture. Interesting, but when you've got more then 20 names that don't look familiar at all to you it's a bit crazy.

TF cards: My new cell phone is also an MP3 player and previously I hadn't been using that feature because I didn't have a card that could hold much music. Well, tonight on eBay I successfully sniped myself a TF card for a very nice price. (Plus grabing something from someone's hands at the last minute is just fun.)

Ancient coins: I also ordered some Ancient Roman coins (in dire need of cleaning) off of eBay tonight. I plan to clean them up and mount them in a frame and give them to my Classics professor who I've had every quarter since being at SPU. It should be pretty cool. I'll post some "before" and "after" pictures of the coins.

I also figured out the video on my phone, so it's entirely possible that there will be posts on this site involving video items... maybe.



  1. aww come on. Us tech geeks need more info on your cool phone than just "it plays music and can do video"

    what hot phone do you got?

  2. I'm pretty sure this is in a previous post, but the amazing, better than the Razr and the SLVR, Samsung T809, is what my calls come in on. It rocks. It slides, it plays music, it takes video. Did I mention it's better than the RAZR?



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