Thursday, September 1

A wonder of closety architecture

In the past 3 days I have been offered over 25,000,000 (Million) in USD. Now don't get me wrong, I would enjoy 25,000,000 (Million) USD as much as the next guy, but isn't Nigeria a place where many people are poor? If all these emails I have gotten are true over the past 3 days then the Nigerian banks have more money than the Swiss ones. Why are we sending them millions of dollars in aid? I also have to admit that it takes a lot of effort on my part not to write back to these people and act all concerned and willing to help.

Last night Lisa and I wrote out some more thank you cards for wedding stuff (Thank you everyone!) and installed the closet organizer that we picked up from Lowes on Sunday. After installing it I think it's probably strong enough to hold my weight. Screwed right into the studs with 3 and a half inch screws. If that thing comes down it won't be while WE'RE living there!

Now we have more room to stick things in the closet though! It's very nice, and I think it will add to the value of the condo being as there isn't a 10 foot board and pole in there now.

Tonight Lisa and I are taking Beth to the Triple Door. It's a musical experience/ restaurant all in one. Kind of our last huzzah before she goes off to college.

Now it's back to work!


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  1. What is it w/ you and that H word?


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