Wednesday, August 17

The rains came down and the headache came up...

Yesterday I had many grand ambitions for after work. I was going to come home, move my computer, take down the folding table that my computer is on now and maybe do some cleanup of the kitchen counter so as to impress my wife. Instead it went a little like this: Get home, make dinner, get headache, eat dinner, have headache, go to bed. So while I got 11 hours of sleep, I must admit that I had about 5 less hours of sleeping and more time fixing up the condo.

(Headache still lingers I must admit)

Despite Ben lying in bed asleep and in pain last night I awoke this morning to a clean kitchen. Lisa had worked late into the night (almost 1) to get it finished up. It looks great. In fact the whole Condo is starting to look pretty good. Liveable one might say! Less batchelor like and more married like.

Tonight Lisa and I are going to start writing thank you cards for the mountains of stuff we got. Then tomorrow we're going to Bed Bath and Beyond to return some of the stuff we don't need (or we got doubles of) and to get some new stuff that we do need.

Once the house is mostly setup we'll hold an open-house/ condo is finished party where we will invite friends and family over to look at it. At that point as well we will publish a little "walk through" of our condo on here so that those of you that can't make it, can walk through our condo here instead. (Or for those of you that CAN make it through the condo can do it again and again, whenever you like. (EX: "Hey Ben and Lisa, I walked through your condo last night at 1am!"))

P.s. Is it wrong to think this is cool and to want one?



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