Tuesday, February 15

An... Update?

Happy Birthday to Mr. Ryan Palmer today. Long time friend and Science advocate. He turns the BIG 23 today. Lets hear it for Ryan. Just for playing today he's going home with a little something extra.

Last yesterday, was Valentine's day. (If you missed this it's too late, get thee out the damage control if you must.) Lisa and I went to China Harbour for diner. (Big Chineese looking building on Westlake Ave.) It was ok. Nice atmosphere, but I would say China First (owned by the same company) on University Way is the same quality of food. However, with a 3.95 lunch special you just can't beat that. Following that we hung about for a bit, and then went to "The Ram" in U-village where we had dessert.

Now I am off to do work type things. The European Studies Symposium starts tonight, so I'll be going to that. Then Latin is cancled tomorrow so I can wander around campus and learn about European studies. (wooooo!)

NOW, I am off to work...


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  1. Update? Woah...

    Happy Birthday Ryan! Yay Valentines Day, and the link doesn't work for the symposium, unfortunately.


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