Tuesday, February 8

Google discovers time travel!

I was looking around this morning for some repair docs for a VCR. I was using google to dredge up old manuals and I came across this:
Time Travel!

Who would have thought! Not only did Google find a way to travel back in time, but they also found a version of the internet that was active in the 60's!



  1. ...How did it do that? I mean, mess the date up. Is that some weird wacked-out late Y2K bug or something.

    And when did Google start? Were they even around for Y2K?!

  2. Well, I remember learning about google in a sophomore in high school computer class, and as I graduated in 2001 that's highly possible...

  3. I think we should all recognise that as the day Doc Brown fell while hanging a picture in his bathroom and when he came too had the vision of the Flux Capacitor. (Or was that 1954...)

    No, wait, Google's inventors hadn't even been BORN yet in 1969, so I'm guessing that it is some clue. I bet if we look at other cached Google pages we can find a pattern!



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