Monday, February 7

Further a-field from anything of REAL relevance...

I switched my minor today. (Well, I worked out how to switch it with classes, I just need to fill out the paperwork...) I said goodbye to the creative writing minor, which I do enjoy a lot, and I am saying hello to the "Classics" minor. The 15 credits of Latin is almost HALF of the minor. (15 of the 33 credits) Add the History class I took last Quarter and I'm up to 20 credits. It seemed like a good move and it means that I can continue to study Latin even into next year.

That said I will end up as someone with an AA in IT:Networking and BA in "Professional Studies" with a minor in "Classics". Computing in Latin? Ancient computing? What on earth will this do for me? Then: What does it matter? I enjoy it.



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