Tuesday, June 8

A touch more work...

I am essentially off this week from work. It's been nice so far. Today however I offered to take a shleving shift for a co-worker who had to go down to California suddenly. Only working 4 hours is nice... I could really get into that.

After that I swung by SPU to fill out some paper work, then by the UW to see Lisa and bit and then home. Picked up my computer and then it was off to Tuesday night gaming at Erik's house. We were mixing it up with Unreal Tournament 2004. Very nice game. Of course I don't think I need to tell you how well I did. Ok... maybe I do. It was a pretty even match. I scored on top sometimes and other times I was lucky to have hit anything. (We play team games against the computer... can I tell you it's semi-sad that the computer can beat us?) It's interesting though to see a room full of guys making comments back and fourth to each other as they try to hold control points in the game. "I need backup here!" "Tank is on the way." "Epic, hop in..." "Xsorovan, where are you going with that thing?" etc etc.



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