Monday, June 7

Swing... and a miss

The other night I rented a couple of movies. First off was the "Hudsucker Proxy" which stars Paul Newman and Tim Robbins and is an old Cohen Brother's Film. It's an old classic about the guy who invented the Hula Hoop (tm). It's pretty good. I suggest you all see it at sometime.

2nd on the list was "The Triplets of Belleville". I am still debating weather I should go ask for my money back. I sat there for 50 minutes and watched as NO ONE said a single word. Then in the 20 minutes before I turned it off I sat there as the director proceeded to not-too-subtly bash Americans. So being as 1. no one was saying anything and 2. I was being mad fun of, I turned it off and will never look back. I might even have second thoughts about the Song that goes with it. (But I doubt it) Suggestion: Don't waste your time AND money.

3rd movie was "Fog of War". It was a documentary/ interview with Robert Macnamara who was the Secretary of Defense in the 60's. It was very good. I would suggest ALL US History teachers show it to their classes. I highly reccomend it to everyone. You'll learn a thing or two I think.

That was my weekend movie expirence, oh yeah aside from 30 minutes of the movie "Cats and Dogs" (don't bother), and assorted Futurama episodes. I think tomorrow might be time for Ben to whip out the old Pen and Parchment and do some writing.



  1. >and is an old Cohen Brother's Film. It's an old classic...

    small request. please do not refer to any movies made in the '90's as an "old classic..." it causes heart palpitations in those of us who look at that and say, "Hmm. I think i saw that my senior year in high school..."

    Grr. ;-)


  2. Huh... well, no offense, but the movie WAS released 10 years ago. And I think it stands the test of time. Thus it is a classic.


  3. oh, i'm not saying it's not a classic. when you team the words "old" "classic" together, though, it ought to conhure up images in B&W, or at least technicolor. well, maybe not, but it was scary. ;-)

    Of course, I'm at the age that I only get carded in bars and such 50% of the time, and I had a kid say to me, "Whoa... that means you graduated 15 years before my brother will..." (He was showing off his math skills, but then i thought about it, and that was scary, too.)

    oh well.


  4. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Funny thing but Hudsucker was a HUGE flop when it came out. It still stands as my favorite movie with such classic lines like "You know...for Kids!"

    Fog of War I would definitely agree with your assesment (spell?). I just watched it a few days ago and thought it was incredibly balanced and insightful, it makes me want to read a biography on macnamara.

    Tripletts of Belleville...thanks for the warning. :)

    God bless,

    Dan M.

  5. Anonymous2:03 PM

    On further thought, if your looking for a cool movie with NO DIALOGUE try Barakka. How can a two hour film without dialogue be intriguing? It definitely can. Just to warn there are two shots of "National Geographic" nudity in case that influences your opinion.

  6. Speaking of good movies, I've heard Raise the Red Lantern is really good - anybody interested in seeing it with me? (not in theaters)

    Ben - yeah we're going to Ryan's graduation, you wanna carpool?

  7. Anonymous1:28 AM

    Oh...Raise the Red Lanterns is actually a VERY good film. It's my film profs favorite film. It's in chinese so if that's a problem.'s not an action film. It's about a man's three mistresses and how they fight for control over the house. It's more appealing than you think...


  8. -gasp- there will actually be people at my graduation? And Ian and Kaite, no less? I haven't seen them since Christmas!


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