Sunday, June 13

Congrads... grads

Ingrid graduated yesterday from Western and Ryan graduates today from Seattle University. I'll be at Ryan's graduation, but wasn't able to get up to Bellingham to catch Ingrid's.

I'm a little afriad Ryan's graduation will go on forever. 858 students and Ryan tells me they each get their name read and their diploma handed to them. I would love to stay until the bitter end to see them, however, it starts at 9:30am and something tells me (with the people they have speaking that it might go awhile (however I just checked the site and it's not supposed to go beyond 2.5 hours. We should be done around noon then.)) Anyway, I'm briging a book jut in case.

Congradulations to all those graduating and moving onto greater things. I'll save all rest of the good stuff for the commencement speakers.



  1. Yeah, sorry it was so long. I don't know why they had all those speakers telling us stuff we didn't care about. Most people didn't really listen anyway. But thanks for comming, I appreciate it. I hope to return the favor in a year or two for you!

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