Thursday, May 20

Another trip around the 5...

Yesterday found me walking around the U-Village BN for a "newsstand workload planning" training session. I learned how to answer the following question: "Why will this help or increase ________________?" (fill in the blank) The proper reply was "It saves money!" And you got extra points if right after that you said something like, "I like change!" or "I embrace change!"

An example Q: "Why will this help increase the airflow and time-space continum in our stores?"
A: "It saves money! Oh... and ummm, I enjoy changes!"

At the begining of the meeting there was a guy who got up, who I assume was someone, he never introduced himself, who looked like he was fresh off the plane from Europe. Grey slacks, white collared shirt with the first two buttons undone and a grey sports blazer that never got buttoned. His head was completly shaved and he was very thin. Anyway, he seemed quite the bussiness guy, used lots of buzz-words and generally reminded me of Microsoft. (Minus the nice clothes)

Let the phase out of Ben @ BN begin!

In other news Lisa and I saw Shrek 2 last night. Woah, talk about funny. Go see it, great parody! See it.


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  1. Are these questions targeted to come from fellow employees, or customers, or what?


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