Saturday, January 31


Last night was the most amazing sunset I have ever seen in my life. I so badly wanted to have my camera with me, or a camera that was capable of capturing the true majestic beauty of last night. Let me try to describe it to you:

It was raining, but fat drops, and then the sun sank below the clouds and started to set. It turned the clouds in the west a brilliant shade of gold. Like someone had hung up a golden sheet in the sky and it was now blowing a slight breeze with all sorts of light and shadow playing accross it. Then running north and south were the dark blue clouds which were pouring down the rain. And to the East was the spectacular scene. There was a complete 180 rainbow that was insanely vivid. And then slightly larger than that was another one, but it was very faint. The pine trees to the east were all bathed in a deep golden color. Now the part that I found the most interesting. The dark clouds went up to where the rainbow started, the rainbow divided the sky. Everything inside the diameter of the rainbow (clouds, trees, etc) was a golden color, everything outside the rainbow (north and south) was dark. The rainbow was this amazing dividing line, and I have never seen such sharp contrast in the sky before.

Woodinville wins the award for Best Sunset ever seen by Ben!



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