Tuesday, August 19

Hang time...

'Tis the season, so it seems, for the wedding bells to be ringing. 2 weeks ago Ian was married, this past Saturday Andrea and Mathew tied the knot. Nice local for the wedding, great backyard. Haven't been to too many weddings full of people I don't know. But hey, it was interesting.

Ian and Katie leave for MA on Thursday and Wes leaves for Europe on Thursday as well. Websites are going up left and right for people who will be traveling abroad. (Wes - Europe, Dan - Israel, etc...) AnalogCafe.net is going to be a happening place here by the end of September. Stay Tunned!

As for me I'm staying right here for a year of no school and deciding what I am going to be doing with my life after this year. We'll see how that goes shall we...



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