Wednesday, July 30


They say confession is good for the soul. Well I have something to confess. *climbing into a little confessional box (which is really just a freezer box with holes cut in it)*

The other day in the store we had a customer who was fine for the first 6 questions and personal life stories we had her for. Yet after that she would interrupt us while in the middle of customers and generally make it hard to do our jobs and help OTHER people. So with that in mind: I was on the phone with a customer who wanted something in the children's department, and then our conversation ended. She hung up and I hung up. Then I realized that our fun customer was on the other side of the bookshelf from me and would inevitably end up asking me something that would take 15 or so minutes to figure out. Thinking quickly I put the phone up to my ear and walked out from behind the bookshelf saying things like, "Uh-huh... ok. Right." The customer who I was trying to avoid then said, "Excuse me sir!" And I turned around, she saw the phone up against my head and said, "Oh... sorry, didn't see you were on the phone." And then I walked away like someone was looking for something. There is my confession.

2nd thing for this evening: The past 2 days have seen a rash of people taking my PDT while I am scanning shelves at work. (For those that don't know a PDT is a little computer like device that is radio connected to the central database and it allows you to scan books and find out all sorts of information about them. We then scan the shelves with these PDTs to see if any books are due back at the publishers and if they are in the right spots.) I sit there scanning along in the computer section and the phone will ring or a customer will ask me a question, so I'll put the PDT down on my stool, on my cart or on the shelf. 4 times now I have come back and it has been gone from where I put it. The first time it happened the customer wandered back and saw me looking confused and said, "You missing your little phaser thingy? I thought it looked dangerous to kids so I dropped it off at the front desk." This is the first time in almost 2 years that anyone has ever moved a PDT of mine. From the reactions I have gotten from other leads they have never had it happen either. The fact that it happened at all was odd, but the fact that it has happened something like 4 times in the past 2 days is just strange. Fed up with people moving and/or touching my PDT (that aren't employees of BN) I made and connected the following sign to my PDT:

"Radioactive: Do not handle w/ out permission!"

Can't say as I had anymore issues with people moving my PDT. But then again I'm not really sure I would have in the first place.

Mom got her new car today. A new red Honda Civic. Our driveway now looks like this: Red Volksvagen Passat (dad's car), Red Honda Civic Ex (mom's car), my mom's old car which my sister now drives (the white Honda Accord) is on the street and then my Honda Civic Dx is on the street (green) as well. Looks like we're always having a party when we're all home.



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