Thursday, May 29

First time...

This is the first time my computer has been on in 2 days. I hope it enjoyed the much needed rest. I think too that this is the longest I have been home in the past couple days and I haven't been asleep. (school and work and social life...) I have a vacation coming up very soon and I must say I am looking forward to it. Not only for the fact that I can get some time of school AND work at the same time, but that I can finally get to all those web projects I have to get done. (Working on it Justin and Thomas... CJ, you are next don't worry... and to everyone else out there that wants one, It'll come, just as soon as school starts to wrap up!)

Now more school! Because I skipped my first class (And took the test online from home instead of going to class to take the it online there.)



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