Thursday, May 15

Brought to you by the letter O, and the number 16.7 million...

I got done with my MCSE final today in class. It always odds me out, but most of the time I am the first person done. I think my teacher describes it best because I think I take tests like he does. You spew out what you know on the test, and if you go back over it you eventually talk yourself out of the right answer. Of course if I'm not sure of the answer I gave I'll give it a 2nd thought later, but still, generally I just go with it. (Only difference between him and I is that he is like super engineer type, and I don't think I could become that technically minded without hurting something.)

Tomorrow will find me (instead of sleeping in) up early to go get Lisa to go meet with Ian and Katie (collectively known as IK, of course KI sounds a lot nicer... but hey) and then we get in line at zee Cinerama downtown and prepare ourselves to see the Matrix: Reloaded. We shall see how it ends up. (Review to follow)

Also those of you wonder what on earth is going on with the new site I was so happy about a week ago, well I am waiting for the logo to get done, then I will design the site around the feel that the logo gives me. Deal with it and prepare to buy shirts, mugs, hats, etc with the logo on it. (They make great gifts...)



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