Monday, January 6

What can I say? I've enjoyed being lazy today. I slept in a tad bit, then I went and had lunch with Ian and Katie at Ruby's at the RTC. And then I came home and read for the rest of the evening. Between reading I played the guitar. (which I rescued back from my brother's room) Now I'm up and facing a long day tomorrow, and you know what? The only thing I can think about is: What am I going to wear? No, I'm kidding, that is not on my mind.

In other news, United Cutlery has released a replica of Arwen's sword. Which is probably the sword I was most looking forward to seeing. I would love to see that and Gandalf's sword (Glamdring) hanging on my walls. It would add to the overall "armory" feel I think I have going on so far.

Once again tomorrow the reports from school start up again. (Weeee!) Here I go! (I'm not crazy, I'm not crazy...)



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