Wednesday, January 8

Well, I survived my long and busy day with both 8 hours of school and 8 hours of work! I've been up for 19 hours now and strangely enough I'm not all that tired. Of course it would be foolish of me to just keep going until I burn out, so I'll be off to bed here in a bit. But first, some thoughts:

When I get overly poetic/ romantic while at work my thinking tends to branch in this direction: As I stand at the information booth I gaze first to the left, and survey the books there, then my gaze goes to the right and I take in all I see, and I feel like I am on a mountain top. I am here, a guide to those who seek other worlds, those who seek to know things, and those who seek other places. I can help them to find these other worlds, weather it be in a world in the past (fantasy) in the future (science fiction) or in the "present" (modern literature). It's really a great expirence to be able to have the ability, or be handed the "power" to hand these people a book, and have them loose themselves in it. To be captivated by this world someone else dreamed up. It's really a lot of fun.

Another thought: Have you ever though about what kind of writing utencil a person uses might say about that person? I haven't studied it enough or anything, but think of all the things the mere choice of lead vs ink can mean! Interesting thoughts...

By the way. Rod Stewart scares me. I don't like the way he sings, and he generally seems like a scary old man. HOWEVER, I found myself listening to his lyrics tonight saying to myself, "Hey... these lyrics are kind'a cool. But you know what would make them BETTER!? They would be better if they were put to a rock/ punk beat instead." Soooo, there is a song I am going to try to pick up the pace with and "power chord" and see how it sounds... =) (In all my free-time of course.)

And once more, since I mentioned this the other day, I figured I had better link to one so you all can see the pretty sword: Arwen's Blade. Very pretty.

And now, without further ado, I shall take myself off to bed. Adeu!



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