Tuesday, January 28

I realized today that a good majority of SUV drivers are insecure. As I was parked in Eastside traffic this morning I had the opportunity to have many people in front of me. The people I enjoy most know how to pace themselves. Where-as I think most of the SUV drivers would, when given a chance, speed when they had the opportunity and then stop suddenly when the car in front of them stops. It's hard driving behind these people, especially when you can't see over them. However, it is truely disconcerting when you are in front of these metal road demons. For in that instant where you have, say 25-50 feet behind you, one of the great chrome dragons zips into the space and proceeds to get within inches of your bumper. At this point your cars life has flashed before it's eyes and you're wondering if you should invite the driver behind you into your back seat. Being as that is where it seems like they are trying to go anyways.

Something else I find funny are the souped up Honda lane jumpers. You know the type: the lowered Honda civic Ex with red, black or white paint, tainted windows and a muffler that could swallow a small dog. The types that happen to think that your lane is the best because your lane is moving, and now the left lane, now the right, the left, the right. In the end however you both get to your same location at the same time. (for this person was trying to get to school as well) Thus proving that this "lane hoping" serves no purpose.

There is of course the combination of these two which makes for a truely terrifying combination. Know them, avoid them, don't be them.



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