Saturday, January 4

Hey ya'll. What the "haps"?

Is it a vain hope if one ever hopes to see one's guitar again? Especially if it was borrowed by the little brother? You ponder that while I talk some more.

Yesterday was my day off, and that was nice. I went shopping with my brother, picked up some new clothes and such. So, dare I say it, I am once again hip and happening. (Which I think sounds funny when I refer to myself) After shopping Jessica had a "welcome back" party for Malia. (Who has just gotten back from France) We ate some dinner, talked, listened to Malia tell stories about France, railed on the french, and saw the pictures she took.

Now I am off to pratice my guitar, and then to work later. Have a great weekend all. The wave of school is about to hit starting on Tuesday! Hang on tight!



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