Monday, December 16

Several things before I go out into the world on this my day off, and have fun.

1. Dan and Jane (readers of the blog will know the two names as frequent commentors here on 802.heaven) went on a date the other day whilst Dan was still in Cali. (He has since returned home (see previous posts)) Now the truely interesting thing about this was NOT the fact that they went on a date. (However, might I say that if Dan had a blog, it could be interesting...) But, it was the fact that they went on a date with 2 digital cameras. Dan uploaded the pictures to his little space on the TibenNet server he likes to call home (now complete with furnishing) and I took a look at them. This was interesting because it was like going on the date, but going with both people. I saw the pictures Dan took, I saw the pictures Jane took. (See Dan take pictures, see Jane take pictures, click Jane Click!) Sometimes they had the same things, sometimes they had each other taking pictures. It was interesting to see the same pictures taken by different people and what they brought to the picture. I would love to link up to some of those pictures for you, but they aren't mine to link. So if Dan or Jane wants any of you to see them they will have to leave links in the comment section. (see below)

2. I came up with a new design for the website, and one I think I like. Once I have the page done I'll link to a test page for you all so you can tell me what you think. (BTW: Does anyone who reads this know how to do timed events in HTML or DHTML?!)

Now, I am off to hang with the guys, (Dan and Ian) as we go to catch a movie, and as we *coughgoshoppingcough*, and then to dinner.



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