Monday, December 2

People are so incredibly weird. Case in point: I went and got my hair cut today. The lady who started cutting my hair had it trimmed and nice. (she was weird to begin with, and almost EVERYTHING she said could have be constrewed in some sexual fashion, it was really kind'a creepy. (older lady, mid 50's if not older. Poofy, died blonde hair. Heavy smoker with the heavy perfume to cover up the heavy cigarette smell.)

I think I'm just fine and done and then the lady (who was busy the whole time I was getting my hair cut) who cut my hair ONCE before. (The first time I went in there, about June or so (can't understand a single word she says, heavy, heavy asian accent of some sort) is when she first and only cut my hair.) So this other hair cutter comes over and looks at my head and for some reason thinks that it's not perfect enough. So she sits me back down in the chair and continues to trim some more. The whole time I just kept smiling because obviously the lady that had just finished cutting my hair was offended at this second person who came over started working on me. The first one seemed (for some crazy reason) to think that I hadn't told the previous haircutter what I wanted and that she had just started working on my head. So she starts to mess wiht it some more and then I'm like. "It's good, it's beautiful!" Mentally I'm thinking, "Hands off! No touchy!" BACK!"

I paid bill and got out of there quick. All said and done I was in there about an hour. I am seriously considering never going back there ever again. My question for you: Is it so hard to find a place that will cut your hair and be able to do some styling on occation WITHOUT being weird? Seems like everywhere I go people who have cut my hair can't be "down to earth" people. They all seem extreme in some way. It's like a hair cutting culture of some type.

I survived. But this only means I will have to find a new place to get my hair cut.

The 2 hour update: Well, I kind'a pulled it together. I think I'll give the caesar/ "which way to the chariot races" look and see if that works. If not i'll go ROMAN (roaming... get it!?) around for something else.



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