Monday, November 4

Today will find our hero stuck in the vile clutches of one of the biggest eaters of time known to man. This is in fact *cue scary music* THE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION! He'll find himself stuck there from 7:30am to 3:00pm. Woah-is the lamenting and the nashing of teeth.

Alright, well maybe it's not that bad, but it'll keep me here long enough. (Then again it's not like I had anything super special planned at home anyways. Probably something along the lines of sleep, eat (which I can't do here at school *grrrrrrrr*) and read.) I have class until 12 (oh, BTW: If you didn't figure it out I'm the "hero" here) at which point I have 2 hours of lab time, and then at 2:30 I have an advising appointment here on campus de la norte. (Somewhere any spanish teacher I ever had just got that little nervous feeling in the pit of her stomach like something is about to go horribly wrong.)

When I finally make my way home (hopefully NOT in traffic (cut to scene of the Honda stuck in 405 traffic)) around 3:30 I will dash like a crazy man into the house and grab the first edible thing I can lay hands on. (Don't worry, the dog is kept away from people rushing in the door like crazy men in search of food stuffs.)

Ok... I'm off to pretending I know what I am doing in the grand scheme of things here with the routers.



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