Tuesday, November 5

Maybe I'm crazy, but NPR is running a story on California's "Three Strikes You're Out" rule. The reporter is telling story after story of people who have stolen and the third run-in with the law was when they were stealing video tapes for their kids. THAT is beside the point! This reporter seems to be trying to make us feel sorry for this guy who was stealing and got caught. Because he was doing it for his kids. If any reason they should come down on him for that reason, he's setting a really poor example for his children. *pause* But as he is sentenced to life in jail I don't think that will help the society either. Granted he should be punished for it. Especially since he has children and an example needs to be made to help his children learn, but life in prision isn't going to help his kids at all. There has got to be a better way to do it.

NPR has convicted me this morning though. I'm not registered to vote, and I really should be and I should vote. So while I am too late this time around, you can bet I'll be there next time. I will not be part of the majority who "just doesn't care" and yet complain about stuff. I'll vote!

You do so as well!



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