Tuesday, October 22

Today was interesting... I did the "go to work" thing (Mathew (old manager at work who has moved to another store) swung by and said hi to people. He's kind'a like my book "dealer". Yeah, he's the type who you'd find behind a BN store in his long trench coat that was lined with stripped Mass Market Paperbacks: "Pssst, hey kid, you wanna try something? I got something you might like here, everyone likes it. It's called "Ender's Game" yeah man, it's some funky stuff. If you get tired of that I have some other stuff here... yeah you'll come back..." It's almost scary. (almost)) and then after the work thing I did the go to school and do a lab thing, and that took drastically less time than I thought it would. (20 minutes instead of 2 hours) So I came home, and did the talk on the phone thing for a bit, and then I did the eat some thing thing. I think you all see the pattern developing here, I did things today.

Anyway, since I have done things today I'm off to try "stuff" now.



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