Saturday, October 19

Today was fun. I started out going to the Microsoft Play test. Picked up another copy of Microsoft Office XP and got to play a game (which I can't tell you about, EVEN though it has been released. I was actually very surprised at the graphics and the way the game played. I would most deffinatly buy the game had I an XBox.)

Then it was off to work. Work today was pretty good. I was in a fairly good mood today. I think it's the weather. I enjoy a nice rain now and then.

We're celebrating my Dad's birthday tomorrow. (He's turning 44 this year... (Not to make any of my older readers feel old or anything...))

Well, I'll see you all around. I have Sunday and Monday off, but I have to go in to a meeting on Monday morning as well as school after that. So we'll see how things go there. Have a great weekend!



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