Thursday, October 10

If you've been a reader here at TibenNet for any length of time (5 seconds to 2 years) you will know that we aren't all that serious here. We feel that life has things in it that are funny, and need to be enjoyed. As the most frequent blogger here on TibenNet I cover a wide variety of issues. But one that I try my hardest to avoid would be politics. Mainly because I feel that when it comes to politics people's logic suddenly gets thrown out the window and is substituted by a little icon (elephant, donkey, green leaf, dollar sign) running around waving a flag and telling the person to believe anything they hear. The media only feeds this little running icon and I try my hardest to ignore him, but there are times when I just can't hold back anymore against the tide of "politics" and I feel the need to rant.

So now ladies and gentlemen I give you: The political rant that Ben has been holding back for several weeks: *cue the clapping*

Thank you, thank you. It's good to finally be out of my cage. *cue laughter* But seriously folks, I was in the store the other day straightening some shelves when I happened to overhear a customer speaking to a bookseller at the information booth. The customer was going on and on about how President Bush can't even control his children, why should be be running the country? My instant thinking was, well what about our last president? He couldn't even keep his own hands under control. And people seem to think he did a good job, and Bush's children are adults now, they can make descions all on their own, just like you can. Unless you wanted to go to a dictatorship. I guess we could do that. The point here I am trying to make is, would people please think just a LITTLE more before opening their mouths? Or at least find a better argument to hang on other than the fact that Bush can't control his adult children?

Ok, one more then I am done. Quote on NPR the other morning from Ted Kenedy admonishing President Bush to be more like his brother who handled to Cold War so well. Yeah, you know President Kenedy, he might have done well with the Cold War, overall, but lets not forget the Bay of Pigs incident. And now that I think about it, didn't Kenedy have issues with women as well?! Hmmmm, anyway, what I'm saying here is that everyone makes mistakes, playing president you can't get 100% of the people to like you or what you're doing. That is the nature of a freedom loving country. There is a point to studying other president's terms in office, but trying to emulate one would only lead to troubles. We elected that president because of those times, and elected our current president because of these times. Wishing for a past president won't make things better.

Ok. That was that. I just had to get that out of my system. *fade to black*



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