Friday, October 18

I smell like coffee! It's like scratch and sniff only you don't have to scratch! (And now that I think about it your probably don't have to sniff if you don't want to either... =) ) But yes, I was in the cafe all day long. I made "bank" on the tips today. 6 bucks. Hmmm, wonder if I have to declare that on my income tax report... But I grew by leaps and bounds today. I would say that I am probably safe to make anything you can order... so long as you say it slowly so I can put it all together in my mind. =)

Sooo, big weekend up ahead, the big game is coming, all the food has been stocked, I've got the day off work... oh... wait I don't like sports. Hmmm, guess I'll put the food in the bomb shelter. *shrugs* You never know... of course I'll have to build a bomb shelter first before I can put food in it. *sigh* this is going to be a longer weekend than I had thought it would be... I'll be out back if you need me.



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