Wednesday, October 30

The great thing about being someone who works with computers and the fact that I get cold easily (at least my hands and feet) is the fact that computers can get pretty hot. When you put a bunch of computers into a room and have them all running it can get pretty toasty. This, in my case, is just fine during the winter time. (During the summer it's something else all-together) But as it stands, this morning it was 30 something outside and thus it was cold, so when I came into class with all the computer's running it was like walking into a hunting lodge with a fire roaring in the hearth.
(You know the types I'm talking about, the big wood lodges with the fire places made of river stones that have been polished. And the token deer's head or two with a set of antlers just short of brushing the ceiling, above the fireplace. Maybe even a bear skin rug, which, warm as they might be also are scratchy like crazy as well. And in front of that fire are two dark green over stuffed chairs with little foot stools. A small table sits between the chairs and on it is a nice warm glass of hot chocolate. Not too hot, not too sweet, and not too bitter. (Chocolate does that sometimes) It is in this space that you can sit down and simply relax and fall into a good book, or spend hours in conversation with someone on the deeper issues of the world, life, or even your favorite types of cheese. Ahhh yes it's all there...)

So that's not what it feels like to walk into my computer classes. This warm, but "office steril" and you've got the right idea. Not even the optional "teamwork" posters anywhere. I'm going back to the bearskin rug which is Cisco 2 now. (Did I mention that it's scratchy!?)



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