Thursday, October 10

A Big happy birthday goes out to Sonia, who is turning 2 today! (There was a 0 after that 2, but I mean a zero doesn't MEAN anything so I thought I would save myself some bits and just add a 2) Many happy returns! (Which sounds like something you would say AFTER Christmas)

In other news, my cold lingers on. I have Thursday and Friday off, so we'll see what kind of hilarity and comedy can insue when this loveable bunch gets together in their first animated full length motion pic... wait a minute, this is starting to sound like a cheap poorly animated movie that would be on TV Saturday afternoon because Golf was cancled or something. Well, I sure am not going to let that happen. You can be sure that it will be anything BUT animated. Cheap, yes, hilarity and comedy, you can bet your boxer shorts on it. I'm sure I'll have something more entertaining to post later.

What am I going to do now!? I'm going to bed. *cue the laugh-track*



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