Tuesday, September 24

Several things of note, but first: A joke!

So this book: Flipped and this book: Lullaby have remarkably similiar covers, don't you think? It's funny because the one with the chick on the cover is a teen book and the one with the bird on the cover is an "adult" book. This gave me cause to wonder: (Both books are published by Random house) does Random House enjoy flipping it's author's the bird? Ok... ok... I know, maybe a little edgy, but not anymore than Danube to Hellsinky or Get out of the "Bucking Car". (What!? It was bucking, it was the Mercury Topaz I had and that was the only thing it did well.) Anyway, now that I have shown you how far I will stoop for a joke and have lowered myself in your eyes, I will proceed:

I don't mean to sound excited when I say: WOOOOOO!, but I am. That far-overshot my expectations, and most likely it will be helping me pay for life. (Can I say that I enjoy ebay!?)

Survived my second class today. It is going to be hard. I have to pretty much get my act together from last year as well as this year.

Anyway, tomorrow I plan to see "Ballastic: Ecks vs Sever", and as much as I hate the name, I feel the need for a good action flic. I'll let you all know how it is.

Maybe it's pure ego. Maybe it's the next big thing in fashion. I don't know. But if YOU want to participate there is a link now on the side to the 802.heaven store. Where you can buy clothing with my cool logo, and cups, and bags, and mousepads, and clocks, and other fun stuff.



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