Tuesday, September 17

The magic didn't seem to be there tonight. I had a hard time keeping the camera still (it's harder when it's dark being as it takes longer to take the picture.) and the location I went to was very pretty, but my camera seemed to have issues grabbing it. In either color or black and white. So of the 100 I took, here is a sampleing of the ones I thought might pass.

Apple Leaves: I came accross a couple old apple trees and the apples were all over the ground. I tried to take a picture of it, because it was really pretty. White apples on one side and red on the other. But it was too dark and you couldn't tell what the little dots of color were. So I had to suffice with a close-up.
Apple Tree: This is the tree under which the red apples had fallen. I took the picture and only afterwards did I see that the way it had blurred was kind of cool and ghostly.
Chestnut Tree: I came to this spot specially for this tree, (There is an old wooden fence behind it.) but sadly enough the blackberry bushes had grown up around it, so it lost that old fashioned feel and took up the overgrown and neglected feel. The other shots of the tree are here: Chestnut Tree 2 and Chestnut Tree 3.
Bright Flower: This picture is the result of flash photography. I tried to capture this flower closer but the camera wouldn't focus on it that close, so I tried using the flash to capture detail and ended up getting it on a nice black back. This flower was one I stumpled accross as I was walking back to my car. In a field of brown this plant had these blue flowers on them. Here is another picture in black and white of the same flower.
Another Flower: This one was almost to my car and looks like this in color.
Ghost Tree: This tree was very white, but it was in a dark spot and my camera would take almost 2 seconds to take the picture so I gave up on my efforts of taking a still picture so I just moved the camera in an angle to get that effect.
Spinning Leaf: In another attempt to be creative with the camera I hit the little button on my camera that takes the picture and then spun the camera.
The Swimming Hole: If I didn't know any better I would say this place was haunted. It has a very weird feeling to it. When you're there you feel the need to be very quiet, and I continually felt like someone was watching me. All the clues point to there being a farm house on the property at some point. (Maybe 8 years ago the foundation was still there. (Hence the wooden fence around the chestnut tree)) There was also a well in the area with the apple trees (which wasn't there when I went by this time, so I hope someone filled it in as opposed to just covering it up and leting grass grow over it. People can die that way.)) Anyway, back when I was in school I did a report on the history of Bothell and came accross this thing that said this farmer had brodened a part of the creek into a swimming hole to water his cows and for his kids. I think from my research that this is that hole. It's been here a long time. Enough with the history lesson, next picture. *click, click*
Swimming Hole Part 2: Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the water again! This was a wonderfully contrasted picture. You can see from the above picture where I zoomed in.
Another Tree: Another great tree on the property.
A Worn Path: I don't know if the area is frequented by people a lot, or if the paths that were worn into he ground a long time ago haven't faded. They have been there for as long as I have been going there, and that's somehting like 8 years now, and I have never seen anyone there before. But who knows.

That was my little photo trek for this evening. I think I really need more of a subject in my pictures. Just nature seems to be lacking something unless there is a touch more to the picture. Like living things, animals, birds, PEOPLE.

Hope you enjoyed them. It's my journey to getting to know my camera and being able to take good pictures with it.



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