Friday, August 23

"Well, well well... fancy to see YOU here. I mean after all this time I thought you might never come back!" Are the words you would hear if you hadn't read this web log in the past 3 months... but no... YOU'RE a loyal reader. If I had stickers I would give you one. But I don't know how eager you are to slap "802.heaven" somewhere on your body or on your stuff (binders, cars, hats, shorts, dogs cats...). I mean I would be eager to put "802.heaven" stickers everywhere I went, but that is for sheer advertising purposes.

So how does this sound: ""? What do you think? 15 bucks and it's all mine. Of course my email address might change again... but hey.

In other news, that you might find yourself wanting to know: I picked up the Legolas stand-up thing from work today. This is an Orlando Bloom standup that is probably about 6 feet tall. I know it's taller than me, and he's in his Legolas, elf, costume from Lord of the Rings. I still don't know what I am going to do with it. Any ideas? I was thinking eBay might be useful... it could maybe fund my vacation... I'll link up a picture here as soon as my camera battery is charged up.

Tomorrow, Medieval fair and feast! I'll be going as a monk (major shout outs to Raleen who is indeed a Waizard with the needle) I'll see what I can do by way of pictures for you all, but I believe that have a no camera policy at the fair. (I know they do for the feast... but I don't know about the fair)



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