Tuesday, August 27

Today was mildly entertaining. I think I did just about everything one can do at work. I started off the morning at Information, after that I went to Cafe for 30 minutes. Following that I was cashiering, and after that I covered lunch breaks in Music and then after that I had lunch and then went into recieving and helped with a new book shipment. Oh yeah, and during my time at information I got to play Manager on Duty for 30 minutes because my manager was doing a job interview. So I did pretty much everything today. I'm hopeing that will look good on my review. =) (After all that extra 25 cents is a nice little addition...)

Anyway, to top it all off I left work 2 hours early to go to the doctor, to get some medication for my eye. Which I discovered I had conjuntivitis (Pink Eye), I must have picked it up from some kid when I was cleaning up in the Children's department the other night. It's not all that bad though, so for that I am greatful. 3 days on the meds and I should be right as rain. (again)

I think I'll be booking my vacation camping spot tomorrow, and that hopefully will be some fun and good times. Even if it is just me and a pile of books.



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