Thursday, August 22

Most common uttered phrase that DOESN'T need to be uttered in Barnes and Noble: "Ummm, I'm looking for a book." And then the long pause while you wait for them to tell you WHICH book it is that they want. This I feel is 50% ok when I am on the phone with someone. But when I am standing at information and someone says, "I'm looking for a book..." and then waits, it drives me crazy. I am tempted to just grab one and hand it to them and help the next person at times.

Another thing that bothers me, while I am on the "warpath", is when I pick up the phone after it has been ringing and I say, "Barnes and Noble in Woodinville this is Ben how can I help you?" Now, note the accent on Ben. I do that on purpose because people can't hear my name or something. Despite that fact I STILL, get called Dan. Don't ask me why. I mean Dan is a great name, only it's not MY name. I feel that if I go to the trouble of either trying my hardest to pronounce my own name clearly and they STILL mess it up. Of course this can work FOR me, being as when some irate customer might start railing to a manager about something "Dan" did. The manager will only say, "We don't have a Dan working here." Of course that coin is double sided being as if the customer is wanting to give a glowing report to the manager and comments how great Dan was. Oh well. Off to band pratice...

And some cool buying stuff linkage for you all that might enjoy the Celtic leather feel.


oops... I mean...



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