Saturday, August 24

Ahhh, well I survived my day off! I got to sleep in AND go to a Medieval Faire. I am sorry to report that there were no pictures taken at the faire, but here is a nice group picture of those of us that got dressed up. Raleen was the person behind the costume magic for most of us. And I am quite happy how mine turned out.

Lisa and I were the only ones who stuck around for the "feast" afterwards. All the food was made-up to the recipies of the time and it was interesting. I enjoyed it, it was a different taste, I encourage you to go sometime if you can.

Am I a total nerd if I was totally critiqueing the fighting abilities of the actors during the "weapons" performance? I was standing there in my monk outfit thinking to myself: "hmmm, there's a weaponry no-no" or "Oops, left himself wide open on that one." or "that was needless flair." Boy I buy a book on midieval sword fighting and read it and you'd think I was suddenly the expert or something. However I am probably more informed that 98% of the population, so maybe I have a right ot be picky, and if I have ruined it, it is only for myself in being so eager to learn about it.

Oh BTW: Here is my Lord of the Rings shirt.

My vacation is coming up soon! I think next week I will work on planning it! I'm excited! Paid time off!



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