Saturday, July 13

Well boys and girls, thanks to the innovation of technology and Dan's finger AND Barnes and Noble, I bring now for your viewing enjoyment just a few of the pictures that were taken today of your's truely, playing the grand Pooh bear, (Winnie the Pooh) for Children's story time. As always these pictures have been edited down from their original size, if you happen to want a full sized one drop me an email and I will get it to ya.

And now: My day as Winnie the Pooh (or "Silly Old Bear" OR "Tut-tut, it looks like rain")

First off I got into the costume about 10:45ish this morning and waited for my "time to shine". Then I walked out there and I "acted out" (to the best of one's ability when one is wearing all that) the story of pooh and the balloon and the bees. (His attempt to get honey) So here I am thinking about how to get the honey. Then here I am climbing the tree , and still higher...

After the story it was time for "Hugs and high five's". This was hard because as you will note in the pictures pooh's eyes are rather high on his head, and even though I could see out his nose, I couldn't see anything below the nose. So when I looked down the closest I could see was 3 feet away from me. (Great for hugging little kids who "hide in your blind spots" =) ) Anyway, here I am Hugging the Kids section lead, Betsy. And then one of the kids in the audience and then high five-ing one of the little guys in the audience.

After that was all over and I had been hugged and high fived to the little kids content I was sent back to the "100 Acre Woods" (which is more like 20 square feet) to get out of my pooh costume. But first a picture with Dan and then Pooh without his head on.

It was fun, I'd do it again... I'll see ya all later.



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