Monday, July 15

Soooo, today was *pause* interesting. Band stuff went really well this morning. We clicked, we sounded good, fun was had.

For "lunch" today the family, and the extended family that is up here on "vacation" all went to Buca di Beppo's. This was exciting for the following reason: Gather 18 people around a table and then have them decide on 6 things (which I think came down to 4 or 5 individual things) to eat. Now this normally probably wouldn't be TOO much of a problem. But it was. Communication between the extended family isn't like amazingly clear (anyone else feel a Sprint commercial coming on?) so if someone (my father) hadn't taken the reins everyone would have ordered something and it would have been a. expensive and b. even more crazy than it was.

After that I went right off to work, and did what I have taken to calling at BN the "Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul" (thank you Mr. Adam's). This is the point where 7pm rolls around on a Sunday and suddenly there isn't a soul in sight. There are more employees in the store than customers. And this continues (off and on) until closing at 11pm.

Somore work later on today, and then Ice caves on Tuesday. More pictures for everyone to see! I also wrote some poetry today at work so I'll see what I can do about posting that here as well. Catch you all later!

Oh yes... and to provide you all with some linkage: Abbie The Cat Has A Posse. The music manager at work (Synde) sent me this link. I found it pretty funny. Anyone who happens to have cats, know cats, or even knows WHAT a Cat is should find this entertaining.



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