Thursday, July 11

Ok... so instead of trying to concoct a "summer trips" website, I have decided to simply link to the few of the 119 pictures Dan and I took on the trip and maybe bring out a few here and there as I see fit. Be warned, I knocked the file size down to about 1/4th their original file size, maybe even a 5th, but they are still kind'a big. That was a 50% reduction in actual picture size. So if you see something that you want, send me mail, I'll email it out to you. (full size and color)

So now for my little expose if you will:

I have to say that a real road trip probably isn't complete unless you start here first. Non-Seattlites be warned. You might not understand this. SO we drove around Seattle for a bit. I got to see Gas works park and the view of Seattle from there.

Then we headed out of there and drove up by my house and through Snohomish (sparing you pictures here because I want to get to the good stuff) We then decided to be "random" and turn on Highway 92, which leads to Granit Falls. We then drove through THAT quaint little town and proceeded in a northery direction to the town of Verlot. If you find yourself wondering WHERE Verlot is, don't worry, you're not alone. We were wondering also. But just so you all know, it's right here.

Two miles outside verlot there is a nice little waterfall that runs down alongside the road.

Take the road another 18 or so miles from there and you'll run into Big 4, and the ice caves. (Which is where we'll be heading on Monday morning. to hike.) So after running out of road after driving past Big 4 (seriously, the paved road ended.) we headed back and decided to stop at the Verlot General Store for something cool to drink.

And then it was head back time. Comments? Questions? Write or write 24 hours a day! I'm sure after Monday's trip I will have some cool Ice Caves pictures for you all.

Until later!

BTW: Memo to you all: Saturday 11am at the Woodinville Barnes and Noble I will be playing Winnie the Pooh for Children's story time. If you want to come out to see me in a big stuffed bear costume then please show up. I'd love to see you all!



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