Monday, July 22

I sometimes find myself wondering how I write poetry. I guess I haven't thought much about it. I get a line or something in my head, then maybe a picture or seomthing to go along with it, and then I just start writing. I really can't remember what I wrote 2 lines ago half the time, so when I go back and look at it I'm either really surprised at what I have written, or it goes in the "scrape" pile of random bits of poetry that I might steal a line from if I should ever need it some day. Tonight I sat myself down and started listening to some music and then I opened up "Wordpad" on my computer and suddenly I have 14 paragraphs and 56 lines of poetry. So, because one of the main points of this blog is to let people read my poetry, I present here for you yet another thing that came from somewhere in my head. Solace.

It's kind of like my poem Snow Fall. (I was staring out the window watching the snow fall and suddenly this poem poured out.) I have no idea where they come from. If nothing else I guess it can be said I have a very active sub concious. =)



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