Wednesday, July 31

Have you ever thought about how odd some of our clothing stuff is? I mean not like bell-bottoms, or mid-riff shirts, etc, but like Ties. Come on? What's up with that? Silken things we tie around our necks to look formal? And another thing if you think about it that is kind of odd is the whole wrist watch thing. We, in essence, tie a metal/plastic piece of machinery to our arms in order to know what time of day it is. They are just things I think we totally take for granted. Sometime when someone is speaking next (a lecturer or a teacher) and if they have a watch or a tie on just sit there and try to think with a mind that has never before seen a tie or a watch before. It seems really odd.

Along those same lines, my cousin and aunt are up here right now from Sunny CA. My cousin keeps remarking on how many trees there are up here. "How do you keep from getting lost all the time?" she asked, "You can't see anything with all these trees here! In California you have those cement walls along the freeway, but you can at least see where you are trying to go." We just kind'a laughed. But I thought about it. I am totally used to the greenery and the hills and all the big trees. So for the rest of that day I took several opportunities to try and view my surrounding like I had neer seen them before. It deffinatly adds an interesting twist on life.

Try it sometime...



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