Saturday, June 1

Several things of note:
1. Tonight was a good night at BN. I was in a good mood, customers were in a generally good mood, and so we all had a good time.

2. Dan dropped in to see me today. It's been a long time since I've seen him. It's kind'a funny though, we're such good friends, for me at least it seems like he was never gone. (Not that I didn't miss him or anything) But our correspondence over the past 6 or so months has been pretty good.

3. I started talking to a lady (customer who was at my till) this evening and she asked me what I read, and then asked me if I wrote anything. I said I would like to write Science fiction and fantasy, but mainly right now I only do poetry. She then told me she was the president of the Seattle Freelances (or something like that) and she told me she has people who would love to see my poetry and have me read it at different places. I was shocked. But that would be very cool I think. But I also think it could be, ummm, interesting for me. My poetry is kind of an extension of the deeper part of me. I KNOW which of my poetry I consider good, and that which I don't consider good, but how would I feel if SOMEONE else were to tell me what they thought of it. (To my face, you people tell me all the time that you like it... But I don't know if you're just being nice or not.)

Anyway, good night.



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