Tuesday, June 18

I apologize for the lack of insite into the life of me, for my gross negligence I will now update you:

Father's day was fun. I got dad a scanner, one that does film, and slides as well as normal scans. He seems to enjoy that. We went to Rosario beach with the rest of the family to hang on father's day. It's nice up there. HOWEVER I forgot that the sun can burn a person. And well I burned myself. So let it suffice to say that I enjoy days like today where it is RAINING! Also my uncle has a new lab puppy... which my sister instantly fell in love with. (Ok... I would have to say the rest of the family enjoyed it also) So my sister is now in pursuit of a dog. I'll keep you all infomed on how THAT goes.

Last night as I was working an Officier from the Woodinville PD (our boys in blue) came in with some "hot" items. I guess they had caught a known shop-lifter from target and found some books on the person as well and brought them back. It's really cool to know that people DO get caught at that every so often. Plus the cop had some neat little tech-toys when he took my manager's statement.

That's all the news that's fit to type! (Well there IS another thing... but I don't want to type about that until it comes through.)



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