Thursday, May 9

Well, let's see, what's up in my life these days?! Ok several thoughts:

1. My car was in the "shop" for the past couple days to get a part fixed that was broken when I bought it. I'll be getting it back today.

2. I came home last night to discover that my internet connection didn't work. I tried about 6 different things before settling on the fact that it was pobably down. And then I realized that my computer without the internet is like cutting off my right arm. There are a sum total of about 5 things I can do without the internet. Honestly it scared me a little bit.

3. Bought a new CD last night at BN. We'll see how that sounds. Will report on that later.

4. My time at BN resently has just been FLYING by. The past 2 weeks I haven't had a time where I looked at the clock and said, "Grrr! Still 3 hours left!" I also got to play "Unoffical lead" last night. I got to pretend like I had power. =)

That's my update. Dan leaves for Slovakia soon, so I wish him well as he goes off. NOTE: He will be missed and I wish I was going to.



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