Monday, May 6

Well, as some of you might know I thoughly enjoy new bands. Bands people don't know, that could be very good but if you mention them people go "Who?!". I have found such a band. The David Crowder Band is just such a band. A GREAT deal right now at Family Christian Bookstores! $11 something for the CD, and honestly I enjoy the CD a lot and feel it was worth the $11. So go out right now and get it. (I advocate actually BUYING the CD because it's always great to help new bands out.)

In other news I got the Avalon CD "O2" as well. Haven't listened to it yet. But I enjoy that remix idea thing.

Ok... stuff to do... but I wanted to let you know that the whole "email Ben week" thing went over like a sack of lead. Maybe we'll try it again sometime this summer.

Catch ya all later...



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