Tuesday, May 14

Several things before I dive into the great HW.

We got two new peoples into the store today. (Or at least that I met.) Sonya in the Cafe, and Emily in Music. Emily is a transfer from the Downown bellevue store. I do have to admit I found it INCREDIBLY funny today to watch some guy that went into the music department hit on her for a good hour. Everytime I walked by music (probably 15 minutes intervals) he was there following her around the music area. I have to admit I thought it was pretty funny.

I also made another mistake today reading wise. The last time I started to read a book in the store I was up ALL night long reading until I finished it. ("A Walk to Remember" by Nicholas Sparks (great book, better than the movie)) This time however I started to read Neil Gaimen's "Neverwhere". Wow... the man has a sharp wit, and a writing style that hasn't captivated me like that since Ray Bradbury. (His most resent book being "American Gods" which was quite popular for a bit.) So I don't know if I'll be up all night tonight reading this book, but it is DEFINATLY going to take a chucnk out of my life RIGHT NOW.

My GeForce 4 Ti4400 card from MSI should be coming in a week from today (the 21st). I look forward to it. It has video in abilities which means I can do some much wanted video editing on this blazing fast machine I have that does nothing but play Marrowind to make it DO anything strenious.

In other news Dan sent me an email from Heathrow airport in London and then again from Slovakia once he got there. Everything seems to be going well. Wish I was there.

Tomorrow night I'll be going to go see the Master's College Choir sing at Temple Baptist Church in Tacoma. (Assuming I can find out what time it starts... =) ) Meet some of those friends Dan talks about and give them a chance to meet me. (To prove to them I AM as CrAzY as Dan makes me out to be. )

Well, this post has gotten long enough. I need to get to HW now. I'll catch you all later. (Maybe tonight I'll post up some linkage or something.)



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