Wednesday, May 8

Last night I went by BN and picked up a small book of poetry I have been waiting for for a long time now. Carl Dennis's "Pratical Gods" won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry this year and I wanted to see what Pulitzer winning poetry was like. Much to my disapointment none of it rhymed. While it was deep and insightful at times and you see the poet himself in his work, I have to admit I was disapointed that rhyming is no longer in style. I think it shows a better grasp on the english language to be able to rhyme and to get your point accross.

Anyway, if that's what it takes to get my poetry published then that is the direction I will have to go. I wrote my first real attempt at "free verse" and being "real" in a poem this morning during class. (Yes DURING the IP and subnet masking stuff) Granted only a few of you will ever SEE this peice of work, but still, I'm sure you'll see the other stuff I work on.

Who knows, if being a poet is being able to make odd comparisions in the average and mundane of daily life I guess I really want to be one.



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