Monday, April 29

Several things to go over tonight:

1. "Funny" (read: Odd, quirky, stupid, lame) Customer story: I've been at Information all day and I was asked to go up front and cover on a cash register while the cash register person took their break. I did this gladly. So I went up there and got to ringing people in. This one "couple" had been bringing up books almost all day long and they finally decided to buy them. They had one book to return and the lady claimed that two of the books were hers. I got to ringing up all of this and while I was doing this the lady decided she wanted a reader's advantage card to get 10% off her giant purchase. So she's filling it out and I get done and she's like, "Woah, wait a sec, is this card thing going to add on an aditional $25?" $25 is the cost of the card so I told her it wasn't an aditional $25, but that's what the card cost. The guy was like, "So you're telling me I have to shell out $25 to save 10% here when I'm buying almost $200 worth of stuff from you guys!?" (Which in fact it was only $160, that is in fact 40 short of 200) To which my manager (who had showed up at that time to do the guys return) says, "Yes."
By this time he's not to happy about this and says, "So that's on top of the other 10% though." This is where I got confused. "What other 10%" I said.
"You know... on your little name tages there and on the posters all over the store. 'Save an Additional 10%'."
"Yeah, that's WITH the reader's advantage card."
"What!? That's false advertising! We spent all day in here because we thought we were going to get 10% off!"
(I must point out that ALL the signs say "Save an additional 10% today!" That lettering is about the size of my head if not bigger. Then in the "small print" (about the size of my hand) at the bottom it says, "For $25 a year!" Explain to me how that is false advertiseing)
At this point he and the lady huff off and leave the store. This left us with 2 very large piles of books to return to the shelves. The funny part was the guy left the book he was returning, and the lady left her "books" as well. (Though my manager and I later determined with the sales of those books and the condition of them (still had the 20% off sticker on them) that those couldn't have been "her books", and that they belonged in the store.)
Afterwards we were laughing about it. Why is it that people think that they should get something for free if they spend a lot of money? Granted we appreciate it, but what about those people that are in at LEAST 2 times a week who buy something everytime, who maybe don't total up to 20 bucks a visit, if that's the case then we need to do something nice for them as well. It's like, what more can we offer. "Well, here's a free plastic shopping bag!" AND we have free bookmarks! Anyway, so that was the cRaZy customer of the week. Note to future crooks: don't try to rip us off and then proceed to be offened when we don't play by your rules.

2. I was helping Mandy in the cafe tonight, helping her clean up and bring in the chairs and what-not, and there was a group of skateboarders in the parking lot doing typical strange and health damaging skate-boarder type things. I jokingly said inside that we should call the cops. My Manager pointed out that at night the cops patrol the area every 15 minutes. Sure enough as we were leaving the store the Woodinville PD (our boys in blue) was patting down some kid and putting him into the patrol car. Skateboarding is not a crime. Yeah... and neither is driving a car. It just depends where you do it.

This week promises to be a nice busy one. But not overly busy. Not like CrAzY MaD busy.

Oh yeah, and the play my sister is in went really well as well. She was in Les Miserables at her High School. (Along with Jess and some other old friends) They did a good job, and it was fun.

Spiderman is out this Friday! I am thinking that I am going to pull my sister out of class in the middle of the day and take her to go see it. It should be good.

Anyway, I need to get to the email Dan sent me. *woot!* (Interesting side note: the term *woot* originated in a game of Counter Strike (I believe) but it actually is very old. a "wootz" is a 2 pound lump of ready to be forged metal.) See the interesting things you can learn when you read books on medieval sword making!? =)

Have a good night everyone!



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